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12 Startup Success Secrets – Eddie Yu

10 October 2018
12 Startup Success Secrets Book Cover 12 Startup Success Secrets
Eddie Yu
Electronic commerce
Panoma Press
November 28, 2014

What are the secrets to building extreme wealth online? Any entrepreneur who understands the importance of the Internet, will want to know the secrets within this book. This workbook is more than a guide to internet business, it's a guide to creating the financial freedom and lifestyle of your dreams using the power of the internet.


This could be the book that changes your life. It is written with passion, empathy, knowledge and direction. It has a purpose that puts you into the driving seat of starting and growing an internet business. Get the foundations right from the start and the business functions can be built on top. The book is fundamentally aimed at first-time internet entrepreneurs but there are nuggets of information that anyone can benefit from, regardless of commercial experience.

There are quite a number of Startup ‘how-to’ books, so to stand-out requires an outstanding feat. I believe Eddie Yu has achieved that with his book “12 Startup Success Secrets – Mindset and Strategies workbook for building a Successful Online Business.” The full title provides an insight into the themes and areas that Eddie will cover and is very cleverly worded. This is NOT about the mechanics of business functions and departments, this is about hard-earned insights that enable you to be focused, positive, customer-centred, and prepared to operate, and be seen, in the online world.

The 12 Startup Secrets is a book about you – the internet entrepreneur. Starting a new business is an exciting and positive time but there are normally a lot of assumptions made and it’s the entrepreneur’s job to convert those assumptions to facts as quickly as possible, so the experience remains positive. Identify value and ask yourself the tough question, So What? The first 3 secrets look internally and explore what your deep driving motives, objectives and self-awareness attributes are. It is about the mindset and establishing a strategy for achieving your goals and preparing a plan to win. These early chapters are what set this book apart because it’s really about understanding yourself that is crucial in being a successful entrepreneur especially when the going gets tough – and it will. The following chapters deal with the elements and resources that constitute building and communicating an online business. The value here is that they are tried and tested, and deemed highly important in Eddie’s own experience.

I have read many books in this area and many feel mechanical, this book feels personal. Eddie has been very generous with his advice as he’s included many of the personal issues, actions and resources he’s used. Each chapter addresses one of the 12 secrets to success and the chapter concludes with a workshop. I have worked through these workshop exercises and found them useful. They provide structure to enable you to take a look at yourself and the business, from a different perspective. While you may be working so hard IN the business, you often stop working ON it.

I was so pleased to read a book that went straight to the heart of what it means to commit to and drive forward an online business. The important factor is that Eddie has validated this approach. I highly recommend this book.

Peter Donnelly

Founder of The Reading Desk, supporting readers, authors, publishers and book industry. Top Reviewer on Amazon, Goodreads, and NetGalley

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