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A Time For Violence: Stories with an Edge – Max Collins et. al.

2 May 2019
A Time For Violence: Stories with an Edge Book Cover A Time For Violence: Stories with an Edge
Close To The Bone
1 May, 2019

Throughout the years countless wordsmiths have produced their own story collections, but the book you are now holding is a love letter to the great anthologies of yesteryear, assembling stories by a variety of talents, packaged neatly and often connected by a singular theme.


Violence has always been and always will be a constant product of human existence. Either as nations or individuals we continue to excel in its expression. Some very good authors have contributed to the A Time for Violence anthology and the editors have described it as “a love letter to the great anthologies of yesteryear.” I don’t really see it paying homage to any previous era as it has a right and relevance to current interpretation, although a violent love letter is a tantalising abstraction. I also don’t think of it as a celebration of violence but quite a diverse exploration of the range of scenarios and motivations violence can manifest itself.

The variety of stories in this collection provides an amazing array of styles, structure, subject matter, motivation, emotional investment, moral dilemma, ferocity and mystic. The variety in this mixed bag of stories, is the book’s greatest attribute. Each story will take the reader into another environment, a contrasting narrative and genres that jump from crime to war, from supernatural to horror, and from family to political. 

I’ve found a great characteristic of short story compendiums, particularly around a theme, is that they can explore a focused emotion or scenario, as individual works that enables the reader to ingest a concentrated fix.

The spark that can ignite a violent episode is explored throughout the book where dealing with a psychopath has a pretty sure outcome but the violent response from a family member or respected member of society can be fascinating and the stories, while short, manage to deliver enough background, to fully appreciate the course of action taken. Some stories are more ideological conflicts and there is a great story which challenges our violent response as a nation to atrocities against it. Should the response be more atrocities and greater violence? There are also supernatural forces brought into a few of the stories for those that enjoy fantasy and horror genres.

I really enjoyed this anthology and while the theme is violence this isn’t all blood, guts and gore-fuelled wickedness. If you enjoy variety, you’ll enjoy the range of styles and stories. If you enjoy crime, thrillers and horror, you’ll enjoy the anticipation and threatening undercurrent throughout. If you enjoy quick reading spurts, well that’s what anthologies are all about. There are 26 different stories in this book so there will be preferences.

I recommend this book and I would like to thank Henry Roi from Close to the Bone, for providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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