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A Whimsy of the World – Amor Towles

26 May 2020
A Whimsy of the World Book Cover A Whimsy of the World
Amor Towles
Fantasy - Short Story
The Conde Nast Publications Ltd

A short whimsical story, that is light-hearted with a touch of magic.

Well, I want to believe I really wanted to work this afternoon, but Kevin Ansbro insisted I sit in the garden with a cold drink, trying to get sunstroke, and give this irresistible short story from Amor Towles a read. What I would do for a friend, huh!!

So on a whim (sorry I couldn’t resist), I found myself smiling my way through this short story of how Ellie Watson lost her Whimsy and started a journey from Nebraska to England and then Italy, to recover it. A profound encounter when Ellie’s Whimsy meets Henry’s Wanderlust and off they go to discover more than just new cities in Europe. A wonderful little story brought to life from the magical pen of a master storyteller.

A delightful, enchanting short story that can be read for free at

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