To Outfox The Fox

September 9, 2019
Horror Mystery Thriller

The Devil Aspect – Craig Russell (by Beata)

September 4, 2019
Where the Devil Hides Book Cover Where the Devil Hides
Craig Russell
March 7, 2019

How do you find a killer when you're surrounded by madness? 1935. As Europe prepares itself for a calamitous war, six homicidal lunatics - the so-called ''Devil''s Six'' - are confined in a remote castle asylum in rural Czechoslovakia. Each patient has their own dark story to tell and Dr Viktor Kosárek, a young psychiatrist using revolutionary techniques, is tasked with unlocking their murderous secrets. At the same time, a terrifying killer known as ''Leather Apron'' is butchering victims across Prague. Successfully eluding capture, it would seem his depraved crimes are committed by the Devil himself. Maybe they are... and what links him with the insane inmates of the Castle of the Eagles? Only the Devil knows. And it is up to Viktor to find out.

Creepy And Unsettling

The year is 1935 and the political changes which took place two years earlier in Germany begin to influence the attitudes of more and more citizens of…

Historical Fiction

Infants of the Brush – A.M. Watson (by Beata)

July 29, 2019
Infants of the Brush Book Cover Infants of the Brush
A. M. Watson
Historical Fiction
Red Acre Press
November 18, 2017

Infants of the Brush is historical fiction based on Armory v. Delamirie, a 1700s court case before the King’s Bench against Paul de Lamerie, a silversmith. In the vein of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Infants of the Brush is set in a time when London society ignored the ills of child labor. Unlike the gleeful chimney sweeps portrayed in Mary Poppins, climbing boys were forced up burning flues to dislodge harmful soot and coal ash. Egan Whitcombe is just six years old when he is sold to Master Armory for a few coins that his family desperately needs. As one of Master Armory’s eight broomers, Egan quickly learns that his life depends on absolute obedience and the coins he earns. Pitt, the leader of Master Armory’s broomers, teaches Egan to sweep chimneys and negotiate for scraps of bread. Broken and starving, the boys discover friendship as they struggle to save five guineas, the cost of a broomer’s independence.

Chimney Sweeps Remembered

The story of a group of underprivileged boys living in the 18th century London and exploited as chimney sweepers moved me deeply …

The novel portrays a group…

Crime Mystery Thriller

Little Lovely Things – Maureen Joyce Connolly (by Beata)

July 24, 2019
Lovely Little Things Book Cover Lovely Little Things
Maureen Joyce Connelly
Sourcebooks Landmark
April 2, 2019

A mother's chance decision leads to a twist of fate that is every parent's worst nightmare

It is the wrong time to get sick. Speeding down the highway on the way to work, her two little girls sleeping in the back seat, medical resident Claire Rawlings doesn't have time for the nausea overtaking her. But as the world tilts sideways, she pulls into a gas station, runs to the bathroom, and passes out. When she wakes up minutes later, her car--and her daughters--are gone.

The police have no leads, and the weight of guilt presses down on Claire as each hour passes with no trace of her girls. All she has to hold on to are her strained marriage, a potentially unreliable witness who emerges days later, and the desperate but unquenchable belief that her daughters are out there somewhere.

As hopeful and uplifting as it is devastating, Little Lovely Things is the story of a family shattered by unthinkable tragedy, and the unexpected intersection of heartbreak and hope.

Perfect for readers of Watch Me Disappear and After Anna!

A Splendid Debut!

LITTLE LOVELY THINGS is a splendid debut by Ms Connolly full of suspense and emotions, all in a novel that is under 300-pages long. Claire Rawlings is…

Historical Fiction War

The Lives Before Us – Juliet Conlin (Beata)

April 12, 2019
Lives Before Us Book Cover Lives Before Us
Juliet Conlin
Black and White Publishing
March 28, 2019

A beautifully written, sweeping story of survival, community and love ...

It is April 1939, and, in Berlin and Vienna, Esther and Kitty face a brutal choice. Flee Europe, or face the ghetto, incarceration, death.

Shanghai … They’ve heard it whispered that Shanghai might offer refuge. And so, on a crowded ocean liner, these women encounter each other for the first time.

The Lives Before Us is an interesting novel describing the fate of the Jewish immigrants who were lucky to leave Germany and Austria before WW2 began. The immigration, as…