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Wolfman is Back: A Brad Coulter Novel – Dwayne Clayden

5 March 2020
Wolfman is Back: A Brad Coulter Novel Book Cover Wolfman is Back: A Brad Coulter Novel
Brad Coulter
Dwayne Clayden
A Brad Coulter Novel
September 29, 2019

Jeter Wolfe swore revenge if he escaped from prison-and he has.Detective Brad Coulter knows too well the danger Wolfe presents. When Wolfe was the enforcer of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle gang, he held captive and raped and two teens.Would they be his target? What about the female prosecutor and cops? But Wolfe strikes much closer to home-Coulter's home.

Hello again my friends and readers, welcome back to another review by me, Mrs. Y. Today I am reviewing “Wolfman is Back: A Brad Coulter Novel” which is the…


Outlaw MC by Dwayne Clayden

24 February 2020
Outlaw MC Book Cover Outlaw MC
Brad Coulter Novel 2
Dwayne Clayden

OUTLAW MC As an explosive war between rival motorcycle gangs takes hold of the city, Sergeant Brad Coulter and his partner struggle to maintain law and order. The war spins out of control in the streets. At stake is domination of the city’s profitable drug and prostitution trade. No one is safe—not children, not judges, and definitely not cops. Coulter is about to find that out the hard way. The violence is destroying the city, but the solution to stopping the war may bring an even greater threat. With everything to lose, Coulter and his team take the fight to the streets and face devastating consequences. Outlaw MC is a bestselling action-packed thriller that will have you reading until the early morning hours.

Welcome back everyone to another Mrs. Y Review. Today I take on the sequel to “Crisis Point” and I’m reviewing today “Outlaw MC: A Brad Colter Novel” which is…

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Crisis Point (A Brad Coulter Novel Book 1) By Dwayne Clayden

17 February 2020
Crisis Point Book Cover Crisis Point
(A Brad Coulter Novel Book 1)
Dwayne Clayden
April 5, 2018

When his partner is killed during an armed robbery, Brad Coulter is left grappling with the loss along with a sudden burst of criminal activity in his quiet city. His new partner is a bitter veteran who challenges Coulter as he lands a spot on the newly developed Tactical Support Unit.

Between a violent shootout with a lone gunman high on glue, and a confrontation with a deadbeat father and abusive husband, Coulter and the TSU become experienced in managing extreme cases. But nothing can prepare them for the real crisis point that will forever change the face of a city and the cops that patrol its streets.

Crisis Point is a bestselling action-packed thriller set in Calgary, Alberta, that will have you racing to the showdown.

Welcome back my book reading friends! Mrs. Y is coming to you with a review of “Crisis Point (A Brad Coulter Novel Book 1) By Dwayne Clayden. This was…

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In All Innocence by C.A Asbrey

14 January 2020
In All Innocence Book Cover In All Innocence
The Innocent Mystery Series part 4
C.A Asbrey
Prairie Rose Publications
October 3, 2019
Kindle Unlimited

Nat and Abigail have decided that Canada is their best bet for a clean start with their new baby. It’s the place where American and Scottish accents go relatively unnoticed, and newcomers can get lost in a crowd. The problem is that Canada doesn’t have a transcontinental train, so they have to sneak back into the USA to get to the West coast.

They catch a night train heading over the mountains, and are delighted to find it’s one of the new Palace cars, designed to allow people to sleep, and get the remote areas behind weary travelers. The train is packed full of English butlers heading west to join a new employment agency. They hope to make a fortune providing the New World nouveau riche with the Old World class, which they are desperate to buy for their children.

When the train is stuck in a rock fall, they find that a woman has been attacked in the night, and her moonstone stolen. Our heroes decide it’s best to solve the mystery rather than face too many questions.

They unravel a mystery which has evil tentacles reaching across oceans. Will they be caught up in them too?

I am so fortunate to be a reviewer who has been following a series almost as long as it has been in existence. Today I am doing a much…

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Things by Francine Garson

16 December 2019
Things Book Cover Things
Francine Garson
Independently published
November 20, 2019

Jenny Gilbert is what you might call a hoarder, but she's a neat hoarder. She's a clean hoarder. And she's keeping it ALL a big secret.

To everyone who knows her, Jenny is a successful young college counselor. But secretly, she is also a collector, some may even say a hoarder. As a former military brat, she is on a mission to find and reacquire the many relics of her childhood that she was forced to leave behind with each of her family's moves, and she has rented a secret second apartment to accommodate her growing obsession.

When Jenny reconnects with Nick, a man from her past, a romance begins. But, as she tries to hide an increasingly complicated web of secrets from the man she's falling in love with, she becomes enmeshed in a messy tangle of omissions, half-truths, and lies. Then, when Hurricane Sandy adjusts its course, aiming itself directly at both of her apartments on the New Jersey shore, Jenny finds herself catapulted into a truly desperate situation.

At its heart, Things is the story of a young woman searching for a sense of rootedness, a sense of home. But, she needs to learn that amassing physical things is not the way to find it, and that what she seeks is not an external thing at all. Her quest is aided, as well as complicated, by Nick's arrival and the looming threat of the most destructive hurricane in New Jersey's history.

Francine Garson is a sweet person and a wonderful writer. Francine’s book is called “Things,” which she asked me to read for an honest review. I picked “Things”…