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Beyond the Blue Girl – H.K. Belvedere

6 July 2020
Beyond the Blue Girl Book Cover Beyond the Blue Girl
H. K. Belvedere
Austin Macauley
30 October 2019

Katie Brown is a troubled girl from Edinburgh. She suffers horrific abuse from her evil father. She decides one day to leave home for a better life in London but things don't go smoothly for her and she spirals downwards into a life of stripping and drug abuse. After meeting a rich and handsome photographer, Katie feels her life is starting to look brighter but the charming man has other plans for her that involve his psychopathic friend, the Wallpaper Man. She is introduced to the dark world of high society and has her eyes opened to the sick and twisted activities of the elite!


Beyond the Blue Girl is one of the most horrific and disturbing books I have read, not for graphic scenes in fictional horror, but that you can imagine very sick individuals aka psychopaths, engaging in these activities. What would extremely rich people do for excitement if they have no conscience or empathy? H.K Belvedere has no restriction in exploring the depths of depravity that may result.

Katie is the focus of the story and from she was a young girl she suffered at the hands of a physically and sexually abusive father. A man who beat and raped both her and her mother. At eighteen she ran away from home and fell into prostitution, modelling, drugs, alcohol and as a beautiful woman, she learnt to scam money from men.

“Katie at this point never cared – her past experiences had stripped her of most of her empathy and decency – she was out to get as much as she could for herself and at the expense of others, if need be. An attractive female with no empathy or morals is a dangerous creature. But not as dangerous as some super manipulative men as Katie would later find out.”

Through Katie’s modelling work she met Simon, super-wealthy and operating at the echelons of power. With groups that function within governments and large organisations, Simon and his acquaintances, principally the Wallpaper Man, were above the law and corruption was par for the course. “Corruption works by getting as many people as possible dirty.” Simon is a psychopath and is grooming Katie for sexual pleasure, hard-core torture and the power of building someone up to see their mental and physical destruction at his hands.

“His worst fear was dying and being forgiven to be sent to heaven. He wanted to reside in hell, the devil’s realm where he could rule over the weak sprits and reign supreme for eternity.”

The novel feels relatable to the current scandalous revelations around Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. It is sickening to think that human beings are trafficked and subjected to such a brutal and horrific life.

This was an uncomfortable read for me and truth be told, I only managed to get through it because it was a short novel and I had agreed to read it. I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free copy in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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