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1 August 2018
Cadence Book Cover Cadence
Pete Williams
Business & Economics
November 20, 2018

Cadence is a parable about a triathlon coach named JJ and his struggling bike store, which gets a new lease on life when an athlete JJ is coaching teaches him how to turn the store's profitability around with seven key "10% Wins."


A fable that delivers an analogy to a business area is very powerful as it sets the topic in a more interpretable context. We always see other people’s problems much clearer and actionable than our own! Cadence provides an analogy around a Triathlete coach (JJ), who also owns his own sports equipment store but is making some core mistakes in running his business. He doesn’t make those mistakes in coaching but the similarities are considerable.

Many entrepreneurs and young companies can struggle with the basic implementation of generating customers, driving revenue and increasing profit. I say implementation because it’s not that they are unaware of the theory or the process. What happens is that the daily business of survival and commercial noise distracts the core important activities on how to grow a business. They start working deeper and deeper reactively IN the business rather than proactively ON the business.

Pete Williams has outlined 7 levers that must be addressed for continuous growth and profit maximisation.

This is a very informative, pragmatic and well-delivered framework for increasing profits by targeting 10% wins. One area I appreciated is that not every marketing strategy has to concentrate on social media and there are very useful discussions as to when it is appropriate and when not. Know what you are trying to achieve, who your customers are and their buying habits – regardless of channel.

While some of the dialogue in the non-business situational discussions are not my cup of tea, I believe this is a great book to read. At 176 pages, Cadence, it’s a concise, sharp and high impact read, that I would highly recommend. Loved the title as it was extremely apt!

Many thanks to Morgan James Publishing and NetGalley, for an ARC version of the book in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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