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Interview with C.J. Dubois and E.C. Huntley – Authors of The Tyre

September 28, 2018

Peter: I was fortunate to read an Advanced Reader Copy of your book, The Tyre, in early May this year. It was a wonderful book that provided not only an entertaining story but a moral message and an insight into the Untouchable class in India. I am delighted that…


Interview with E.M. Powell – Author of The Monastery Murders

September 24, 2018

Peter: Your book The King’s Justice was a tremendous success and introduced us to a medieval period in the 12th century with two unforgettable characters, Aelred Barling and Hugo Stanton. Your new book Monastery Murders is the second book in this series, also featuring Barling and Stanton.

Peter: What was your…


Interview with Karen Maitland – Author of A Gathering of Ghosts

September 5, 2018

Peter Donnelly sits with Karen Maitland

Peter: Karen, I have loved your books from the Company of Liars, the Owl Killers through to The Plague Charmer and now we have the new book release, “A Gathering of Ghosts” on 6, September 2018. You have been one of my favourite authors for…


Interview with Michael Dineen – Author of Suburban Gangsters

September 2, 2018

Peter Donnelly sits with Michael Dineen
Peter: Your book Suburban Gangsters is a memoir and it provides an account of a period in your life when you were involved in criminal gangs, drug dealing and drug addiction. I know it’s a sensitive process for us to interview you with regards…


Interview with E.L DuBois – Author of The Glass Mask

August 24, 2018

Peter Donnelly sits with Erica Lea DuBois
Peter: Your book The Glass Mask is a memoir and it provides an account of a period in your life when you were physically and mentally abused by your ex-husband. I know it’s a tough process for us to interview you, with regards to memories…

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