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Dystopian Mystery

Corinth 2642 AD – Bindiya Schaefer

4 January 2022


Bindiya Schaefer’s debut book was a surprising gem, delivering a uniquely captivating story packed with drama in a dystopian future. Underlying is an indictment on how we racially see and treat others in our World today. Corinth 2642 AD is a wonderful mix of a dystopian thriller, with contemporary social messages…


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Dystopian Mystery Science and Technology Supernatural Thriller

The Noise – James Patterson and JD Barker

13 September 2021


I devoured James Patterson’s novels decades ago, and after all these years, I can say returning to him in this book, there’s a very different atmosphere and plot than what I expected. Also, JD Barker (who I also love) is co-authoring this one, and I see the influence with…


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This Perfect Day – Ira Levin

9 June 2021


Written in 1969, this dystopian classic from Ira Levin delves into the social science curiosity of political/social structure and population subservience. In a totalitarian society with mass surveillance, mandatory drug treatments, and complete control of everyone’s job, pastime, partner, friends and lifespan, a central intelligence system called Uni, is…

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