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Nonfiction Personal Development

The Courage to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi

2 August 2021

“Mrs. Y, you said you weren’t reading advice books anymore” I could almost hear you telling me this as I listened to this book. Well, dear reader, I know that. I remember saying that many times. The one I had read before this was infuriating, and I tossed it…


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Business Personal Development

12 Startup Success Secrets – Eddie Yu

10 October 2018


This could be the book that changes your life. It is written with passion, empathy, knowledge and direction. It has a purpose that puts you into the driving seat of starting and growing an internet business. Get the foundations right from the start and the business functions can be…


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Business Personal Development

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

24 July 2018


The book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is one of those seminal pieces of work that everyone should read. It is not a business book, it is not a marriage help book, it is not a parenting book and it is not a friendship book. It is a book…

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