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Crucible of Time by Jeffrey A. Carver

9 December 2019

I was given a copy of “Crucible of Time” for an honest review, and I want to thank everyone involved with this treat. “Crucible of Time” is the sixth book in the series, and I have not read any of the previous novels, so I came into the story…


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Cadaver Dog – Doug Goodman

2 September 2019

I do not usually talk about this, but I am a zombie-fiction-a-holic. Oh, yes, I do love my zombie books. ‘I’ve loved them for years, and I think they are probably one of the best parts of sci-fi and dystopian fiction when done well.

Today’s review is on Doug ‘Goodman’s…


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Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers

23 July 2018

There is infinite beauty in mathematics and numbers!
When I say infinite, I immediately think about Pi and how it extends to infinite decimal places. When I say beauty, I think about how numbers can translate to graphical images with curves, straight lines and multiple dimensions, each with unique relationships…

Peter Donnelly

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