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Crime Mystery Supernatural Thriller

The Other People – C.J. Tudor

January 23, 2020


The Other People is an exceptional psychological thriller with a dark and menacing mood that draws on a creepy supernatural feel. The writing is crazy good in instilling a chilling atmosphere, with voices and the finger of a paranormal threat to remind us that no –one is safe.

On his way…


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Historical Fiction Supernatural

The Deep – Alma Katsu

January 17, 2020

A sense of connection drove me to this story and an intriguing twist in
terms of the supernatural sealed its fate. I would bribe the author, publisher
or NetGalley if necessary to get hold of this ASAP. For the record, I didn’t
need to, that’s how NetGalley works – the ARCs, not…


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Fantasy Genre Literary Fiction Reviews Supernatural Young Adult

Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster

December 2, 2019

Today I am reviewing a book filled with magic, mystery, and charm. The name of this lovely novel is “Esme’s Wish” by Elizabeth Foster, and I found this book charming. Elizabeth kindly asked me to give this an honest review, and she sent me a copy to read.



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Horror Supernatural

The Poor and the Haunted – Dustin McKissen

November 20, 2019


The Poor and the Haunted is a psychological drama that is enthralling, full of suspense and possesses a supernatural dimension that may lead to horrors as the story unfolds.

Jimmy Lansford is the protagonist of the story which is told over two time periods; as a young boy of…

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