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The Devil Aspect – Craig Russell (by Beata)

4 September 2019
Where the Devil Hides Book Cover Where the Devil Hides
Craig Russell
March 7, 2019

How do you find a killer when you're surrounded by madness? 1935. As Europe prepares itself for a calamitous war, six homicidal lunatics - the so-called ''Devil''s Six'' - are confined in a remote castle asylum in rural Czechoslovakia. Each patient has their own dark story to tell and Dr Viktor Kosárek, a young psychiatrist using revolutionary techniques, is tasked with unlocking their murderous secrets. At the same time, a terrifying killer known as ''Leather Apron'' is butchering victims across Prague. Successfully eluding capture, it would seem his depraved crimes are committed by the Devil himself. Maybe they are... and what links him with the insane inmates of the Castle of the Eagles? Only the Devil knows. And it is up to Viktor to find out.

Creepy And Unsettling

The year is 1935 and the political changes which took place two years earlier in Germany begin to influence the attitudes of more and more citizens of Czechoslovakia. A psychiatrist, Viktor Kosarek, arrives at Hrad Orlu Asylum to observe some most dangerous murderers kept there. Kosarek introduces Carl Jung’s ideas into his practice and his intention is to analyse the minds of his patients.

This novel is not for the faint-hearted readers, as the analysis of the murderers’ minds starts with the descriptions of their horrific crimes, which resemble those by Jack the Ripper. I never find such graphic presentations to my liking, however, I admit that in the case of this novel they are justified.

DEVIL ASPECT is an atmospheric novel that offers wonderful insight into the folklore and superstitions of the place surrounding Hrad Orlu, which is not a real castle, but if you have ever visited Czechia, you will have no difficulty imagining it, a complex mystery, and frightening feel of the danger looming over Czechoslovakia.

I did not find any characters I could relate to, but I think they are well-developed and the author did not intend to make them likeable.
This was my first ever novel by Mr Russell, and I will definitely follow his literary path.
*I would like to thank Craig Russell and Constable for a print copy of this novel.*

Peter Donnelly

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