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East of Nowhere – Robert Chalmers

1 September 2018
East of Nowhere Book Cover East of Nowhere
Robert Chalmers
Literary Fiction
Atlantic Books (UK)

This is the story of how a bad man called Edward Miller loses his job, his house, his wife, his hair and his front teeth, but in the process becomes good. It is the story of how, in the only truly selfless act he has ever performed, he risks all to save the woman he loves.


I came across this book quite by chance in a general store that didn’t typically sell books, so I was already in the mood for something unique and off-the-wall. East of Nowhere is a book that introduces characters that are bizarre, situations that are damaging and a lifestyle that scrapes the bottom of the social garbage pit.

Edward Miller is a dislikeable, mean and self-indulgent man that gets his comeuppance when his life spirals out of control and he loses his wife, home and job. When his plummet from normality, reaches the lowest depths, he meets a cast of characters that are both comic and tragic. While his new life is chaotic, surreal and dissolute, he starts to find meaning and unexpectedly love.

This is not a romantic novel but you feel the real nature of love come through when a bad person can be changed in order to help someone dear to them. Can he turn his back on other people’s troubles or should he exercise the only selfless act of his life, to help someone he cares about?

East of Nowhere, is a dark, funny and painful story that offers a chance for redemption and a new meaning in life. It is a very different and well-written story with intriguing characters that really engage with blunt and humorous dialogue.

Absolutely a book I would recommend. 4.5 stars

Peter Donnelly

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