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God’s House – John D. Trudel

18 April 2019
God's House Book Cover God's House
John D. Trudel
Trudel Group
August 14, 2011

With his hopeless mission to Nigeria falling apart, CIA agent Jack Donner disobeys orders to protect an American businessman. After his charge is killed, Jack brings his body home as he promised.

When he meets the widow, Anne Davis, at the funeral, she demands to know the circumstances of her husband's death and who killed him. Leaving Anne to grieve, Jack goes to Langley to face charges. Worlds apart, they do their best to move on.

But sinister forces will not leave the two of them at peace. To survive, Jack and Anne must work together, solve his friend's murder, and uncover secrets that powerful people want to keep buried.

Intense and realistic, with high concepts and sympathetic characters, God's House is frighteningly possible.


An accomplished cyber-thriller that is full of pace, intrigue and adventure. A very topical story that draws on the author’s own high tech background to carry an air of credibility and believability. Perhaps the single biggest issue facing our world today is energy supply and our depleting natural resources. How much danger would the person be in if they invented a safe cheap widely-available energy solution?

Jack Donner is a special agent in the US secret security infrastructure, seemingly not associated with any specific body, but heavily connected to the CIA in their Technology Warfare Centre. With his scientific background, Jack is sent into Nigeria to work alongside Bob Davis, inventor, owner and CEO of Enertech. Enertech is a company with investors from multiple sources including the US government, and Jack needs to protect the United States’ interests. The breakthrough energy source invented by Bob is a clean quantum-level energy solution that will immediately replace oil and nuclear energy. An energy source of this magnitude is also a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands, or the right hands used wrongly. The science and technology behind the solution is highly confidential and apparently still in the head of Bob Davis. Successful demonstrations of the technology have been provided and the company now needs to raise more investment and scale the business.

Bob is shot dead at their compound in Lagos by a sniper and it causes a dramatic spiralling consequence not only for his family and business but from other parties, most with ulterior motives who are determined to get hold of the technology. Jack who became a friend to Bob, personally flies his body home to his family and brings items Bob requested should be given to his wife, Anne, in the event of his death. Jack becomes POA for Anne and effective CEO of Enertech. Jack is now an obstacle!

This is a suspense thriller that involves foreign powers, a highly popular church led by Reverend Liz, and commercial power players that are well integrated into the UN and US Congress. Reverend Liz is a media darling who appears to be dramatically helping deprived regions around the world. She is a poster child of the UN yet the secret services (without specific proof) recognise that her Church is laundering millions of dollars for extremely influential parties.

Jack needs to save Enertech, find the details of the technology, and while he is supported by the CIA, there are forces just as powerful and as determined to stop him and acquire Enertech. The plot is very well thought out and it is very interesting to see how the monies donated to charities and with the goodwill of benefactors, can be used to launder money and deliver an upper-class lifestyle to those running them. Sounds like a lot of the charities I used to donate to.

Personally, I think the title of the book is wrong. While there is a connection to the Church, most of this plot is based on the clandestine and undercover hunt for Jack, the quantum energy technology, and the relationship between Jack and Anne. On the face of it, the title also implies a totally different genre. There isn’t very deep character development but it is still easy to connect with the characters. Perhaps one or two more twists could have been added to keep us guessing a bit more but it was a story that kept me captivated.

I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it. I would like to thank John Trudel for providing me with a free copy in return for an honest review.

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