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Hellbound – Giacometti and Ravenne

25 June 2021
Hellbound Book Cover Hellbound
The Black Sun Trilogy
Giacometti and Ravenne
Hodder & Stoughton
14 Jan 2021

July 1942. Never has the outcome of the war been more uncertain. Britain might have ruled out any risk of invasion, but Stalin's Russia is bowing under the blows of Hitler's armies.
The Nazis unleash an occult war in an attempt to tip the scales: whoever reunites the four sacred Swastikas will win.

Double agent Tristan Marcas sets out in search of the Romanov treasure, which is said to harbor the final relic. He's got no time to lose: the battle is about to come to a head...

Hellbound is the final book in a superb supernatural spy thriller series called the Black Sun Trilogy. During the Nazi reign in Germany in the 1930s and 40s, this epic trilogy portrays the story of the hunt for four swastika icons that can provide such supernatural occult power that the holder will control the outcome of World domination. As we head into this final book, set in 1942, the Nazis have one swastika, the Allies have one, one is lost in the sea off Venice, and the fourth was once owned by the Romanovs and is now the focus of this last and decisive hunt. Whoever finds the fourth icon will tip the balance of power in their favour.

Tristan Marcas is a French double agent working for the Allies, and his relationship with German, Erika von Essling, typifies the precarious and terrifying balance in negotiating true intentions. During a period of history where deceit and harm were unrelenting and deeply disguised, trust is a commodity that cannot be traded. The atmosphere of the dark, clandestine and sinister era of World War II espionage is wonderfully maintained and delivered at a non-stop pace. With pressure coming from apparent enemies and from within, Tristan is unsure if anyone will want him alive when this is over.

While the trilogy’s conclusion bears witness to history and the destination of the final swastika is unsurprising, how Giacometti and Ravenne develop this is impressive, exciting and hugely entertaining. I have commented on the previous books that it reminded me of Indiana Jones, which is very true, although with less tongue-in-cheek dialogue and much darker overall.

If you love an action-packed adventure and a race to find powerful icons that can sway the outcome of World War II, this is going to make you smile like being told chocolate is good for you. I can highly recommend this book, and I would like to thank Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for providing me with a free ARC in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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