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I Killed My Son-In-Law – Shay Mills

6 August 2018
I Killed My Son-In-Law Book Cover I Killed My Son-In-Law
Shay Mills
Crime Thriller

Some people have fantasies about killing someone. Yes, some do. What deters most from killing someone is their ability to feel remorse, but this story breaks that mold!

Vick is tired of his son-in-law's abusive ways, punk ass mouth, and the way Tad disrespects his wife and daughters. He so desires to teach Tad a lesson. Follow Vick as he provides Tad with a much-needed course in humility that he will never forget.

This dark horse comedy oozes disgusting fun with a gruesome desire to drag on Tad's death until the very end. Good versus evil are thrown out the window, and it will keep you cheering for the killer while you hold your breath. Darkly entertaining and comical! Join Vick on his comeback journey. Die Tad die!


It’s hard to avoid the spoiler from the title, so you’ve pretty much guessed what this book is about. It is a piece of fiction and not a non-fictional, accidental or abstract cause of death. Why give this away? Well because I nearly passed on the book thinking it was a memoir of how a father accidentally killed his son-in-law and is so distraught and paralysed through grief he can’t have a normal life. It’s not! The killing of the son-in-law is brutally and dispassionately executed. 

The son-in-law, Tad, is a dope head, wife batterer, child abuser, financial parasite and all-around useless shit. The father, Vick, has been pushed to breaking point but what no-one knows, is that Vick is a psychopath with a murderous and hidden past. The build-up to the decision is brilliantly narrated so we experience frustration and disgust building to anger, taking us to the point where we can imagine ripping Tad’s head off. It’s a tough position for any father to be in if his son-in-law is abusing his little princess and innocent grandchildren. It always feels more acerbic and aggressive when harm is directed at those you love rather than yourself. Shay Mills manages to get you thinking like this and really stirs the emotions.

What is presented in this book is probably beyond our wildest imaginations for retribution and it is told in horrific squeamish detail. At times I wanted to laugh in places with the dark humour exchanges and dialogue and other times I wanted the images to stop. Brain bleach!!!

For such a short story it packs an incredible punch and what is most disturbing is the coldness and remorselessness of Vick. There is no sympathy through the pain he dispatches nor the gruesome sights. If you love thrillers and horror stories then this is such a good read.

Peter Donnelly

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