In Loving You – Eeva Lancaster

16 September 2018
In Loving You: 52 Poems and Ballads of Love and Self Discovery Book Cover In Loving You: 52 Poems and Ballads of Love and Self Discovery
Eeva Lancaster
Self Publishing

To love someone but you can't have them... even if they love you back... is one of the hardest things in life to accept.

In Loving You is a collection of 52 poems that tells the story of Eeva Lancaster's love for a man she couldn't have. It is sad and painful, as the author shares her emotional journey and bares her pain and longing in her poems. In the end, Lancaster shares her hopes too, her triumphs and beautiful self realizations.

An excerpt:

Inside of Me

I hear the echoes of a sound so far away
I just don’t understand a single word they say...
I move closer so that I can better hear,
But when I do they always disappear…

I see the traces of a picture I have dreamed
But when I looked it isn’t what it seemed
Cause every time I made the colors flow..
I’m left with nothing but an empty show

I looked and looked and there at last I found…
A wondrous place with lots of wondrous sound,
There I have found the truth that set me free…
It wasn’t far, it’s just inside of me.


Eeva Lancaster has provided us with a beautiful book of 52 poems that are relationship experiences she has encountered, with someone she could never have. As she mentioned at the start of the book, “Publishing poetry is like asking people to read your words while you’re standing in front of them naked and vulnerable.” It does feel like you are looking into someone’s soul and witnessing their joy, sadness, loneliness, hope, despair and discovery.

I find it difficult to do a read through of similar thematic poems as you start to feel a little bit of déjà vu, and the impact can wane, so I’ve read this over a week. I found some of the poems a little bit like Valentine card verses, and I’m not a great lover of rhyming every line, because at some point you’re going to feel the word was coerced to be there and then the force of the poem disappears. Eeva does a great job of ensuring the lines of the poem aren’t just to deliver a rhyming last word and the cadence of each poem is spot on. It’s probably just my preference not to see rhyming on every line.

There are obviously some poems that I like better than others. “He Came Through” and “All Alone Again” were two I particularly liked, and they didn’t rhyme every line, but they did have a very touching message and that essence of capturing something soulful in a few special words. “Loving Hand”, “When Will the Heartache End?” and “The Journey” were all poems I absolutely loved. The poems became emotionally painful towards the end and I also felt the quality of the poems improved really well. Knowing that these poems were written over a longer period you can see that development and feel that emotional journey.

Overall the collection of poems delivered wonderful passionate content, vulnerability and emotional imagery. Thanks for sharing Eeva. I would highly recommend this book of poems.

Peter Donnelly

Founder of The Reading Desk, supporting readers, authors, publishers and book industry. Top Reviewer on Amazon, Goodreads, and NetGalley peter@thereadingdesk.com

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