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Lost Souls – Jonathan Kellerman

9 August 2020
Lost Souls Book Cover Lost Souls
Clay Edison
Jonathan Kellerman
Crime Thriller
23 July 2020

The gripping new thriller from multi-bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman and his son, Jesse, features a deputy coroner and a seemingly impossible case set against an atmospheric Californian backdrop. 'Storytelling at its best, I loved it' Kathy Reichs A DETECTIVE UNDER PRESSURE Deputy Coroner Clay Edison is juggling a new baby who won't sleep with working the graveyard shift. For once he's trying to keep things simple. A HAUNTING DISCOVERY When infant remains are found by developers demolishing a local park, a devastating cold case is brought back to light. A DESPERATE SEARCH FOR ANSWERS Clay has barely begun to investigate when he receives a call from a man who thinks the remains could belong to his sister - who went missing fifty years ago. Now Clay is locked in a relentless search that will unearth a web of violence, secrets and betrayal. Because in this town, the past isn't dead. It's very much alive. And it can kill.


Lost Souls is an intriguing slow-burn investigative thriller featuring Deputy Coroner Clay Edison in the third instalment of the ‘Clay Edison’ series. As a new parent Clay and his wife Amy have structured their work-life balance to provide the best care they can to their new-born insomniac daughter while saving for a new home. Meaning that Clay is working the night shift and a call to investigate a discovered body of a child on a contentious building site in Berkley University Park, falls on his lap. I thought this was a little overplayed but it does provide a psychological link to the discovered child and a theme throughout the story. The child’s body is estimated to be about eighteen months old at the time of death and buried for over fifty years.

Clay Edison is a brilliantly drawn character who is very meticulous and persistent in his investigation. As the investigation explores missing infants within the specific age range fifty years ago, several possibilities arise. In addition, Clay has been asked to investigate a child’s disappearance by a man who suspects it is his missing sister. In a plot that places personal and professional concerns on high alert, Clay is driven to discover the truth for the sake of the children and their families. The plot provides a deep delve into material evidence, leads that become belligerent, relationships that portray violence, racism and betrayal, situations that are dangerous, and twists that furnish very compelling surprises.

Lost Souls was my first book from Jonathan Kellerman – an author that I’ve long waited to read, and I can say I’m not disappointed. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the flow through the first three books of the series but this novel didn’t make me feel like I’d missed something. I look forward to reading more of Kellerman’s books and I would recommend reading this novel. I would like to thank Century Books and NetGalley for providing me with a free ARC in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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