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Magic Within (Bloodline Academy) – Ahava Trivedi

16 June 2020
Magic Within Book Cover Magic Within
Bloodline Academy
Ahava Trivedi
Young Adult Fantasy
Self Published
20 December 2019

Light Magic, dark blood, never the two shall mix… To my coven, I’m an abomination. I shouldn’t even exist. I’m a Crystal Witch, who’s supposed to possess a magic that brings light to the world. At least I thought I was until about two minutes ago when I found out that lo and behold, I’m also a vampire. Tough decisions needed to be made and they didn’t involve me. My magic had barely started to reveal itself, when the High Priestesses in my coven, swiftly decided to hand me over to the werewolf who came to escort me to Bloodline Academy, a notorious school for vampires and werewolves. I know things will never be the same again. Suddenly, I'm surrounded by vamps, most of whom are instant enemies. Even the ones that want to be friends have a slight hankering…for my blood. There’s also the rather annoying problem that I’m beginning to fall for the same arrogant, brooding, ridiculously handsome werewolf who basically kidnapped me and brought me to Bloodline Academy. And of course, he sees me as nothing more than an obligation. Or does he? As I avoid all that could so easily be my downfall, my bestie from my former coven swings in to help me strengthen my magic so I can protect myself from my classmates. However, our magic leads to a new vampire threat from within the academy, one that could lead to the ruin of all other supernatural beings and mortals. Beginning with Crystal Witches. Just as my own vampire bloodline starts to come alive, I’m forced to pick a fight with some seriously dark vamps, to save light magic. Whether I like it or not, I’m about to find out what it takes to survive in a world where both sides want me dead.


The YA Fantasy Academy genre is currently one of the most popular genres in publishing, with the most famous being Harry Potter, Vampire Academy and Twilight. The expected tropes surrounding a vampire, a werewolf and a witch, with a coming of age story and self-discovery, are all required reading material. To stand out in this space requires something special, but if successful, finds a voracious readership. Magic Within is a brilliant example of this genre and with excellent writing and an exciting plot, this is urban teenage fantasy entertainment that DOES stand out.

At a request to review the ARC for book 3 of Ahava Trivedi’s Bloodline Academy series, I decided to read the first two books, the first being Magic Within. The main protagonist, Katerina Snow Quartz is a teenage Crystal Witch and has grown up in a coven/academy of witches since she was adopted by the two High Priestesses, Lorna and Babette. Katrina is not a normal witch –

“I’m a Crystal Witch, who’s supposed to possess a magic that brings light to the world. At least I thought I was until about two minutes ago when I found out that lo and behold, I’m also a vampire.”

She is devastated along with her best friend Safi to find out that she will be leaving her coven and attending St Erzsebet’s Academy aka Bloodline Academy, for vampires and werewolves. The class system at St Erzsebet’s sees pureblood (Sanguine) vampires at the top of the pecking order, new blood (Novus) vampires follow and werewolves are treated lowest.

Katrina is a sanguine vampire and quickly makes friends with Natalie, a Novus, and Ulrich a werewolf. Just as quickly she makes enemies with Lilith and her group of friends and so confrontation is set. The fascination is how each faction will challenge the other and what devious machinations will be put into play. The close band of friends facing life and death struggles are what makes Young Adult fantasy the style it is. The complexity of relationships is thinly explored and traded for action, mystery and suspense. What is striking is the relentless pace maintained without losing detail or context. A real test of this story is that I just couldn’t put it down. The plot was clever and well-structured with moments of action and suspense that were engrossing. There is a little flirtation but no romance which was ideal for me.

Ahava is an excellent purposeful writer in this genre and she pitches it perfectly for her audience. I would highly recommend this book to YA fantasy fans and readers, and I would rate it 4.5 stars.

Peter Donnelly

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