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My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult

5 December 2019
My Sister's Keeper Book Cover My Sister's Keeper
Jodi Picoult
Simon and Schuster

A popular novel about a girl suing her parents because they want her to donate a kidney to her sister was named by the American Library Association as one of the top 10 books banned in 2009, with the novel being pulled from the shelves for a host of reasons, including homosexuality, sexually explicit material, religious viewpoint, drugs and suicide. Reprint. A best-selling book.


My Sister’s Keeper is a hugely compelling novel that explores an agonising moral dilemma of doing everything possible for your child – but can you choose between your children. It is heart-breaking, sensitive, compassionate and superbly written to bring a serious illness and portray it through a novel.

The premise is that Sara and Brian have a child Kate with Leukaemia and decide to have another daughter, Anna, to provide a kidney transplant and stem cells for Kate, if and most likely when, needed in the future. The plans go completely awry when Anna decides that she has her own life and will make her own decisions about her body, and decides to take legal steps towards medical emancipation from her parents. As this ethical battle is being played out between legal teams and then in court, Kate’s Leukaemia treatment continues and she is experiencing all the issues and obstacles a Leukaemia patient will suffer. Not only the physical suffering but the emotional and spiritual torment. It is very difficult to develop relationships with other patients and then deal with the deaths that occur. The tight bond that disappears in a moment! Utterly heart-breaking as it often breaks your hope that this illness is survivable.

My Sister’s Keeper is an incredibly sad story and having watched a family member die of Leukaemia, it replayed all the same tragic decisions and experiences. I felt Jodi Picoult captured the emotions and mental anguish so wonderfully. It was really authentic! If you suffered agonising moments throughout the book, the final twist will leave you floored.

I would highly recommend this book and it will leave its impact, especially if it’s directly relatable.

Peter Donnelly

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