Penguins Success – Mia Samovich

12 August 2018
Penguins Success Book Cover Penguins Success
Mia Samovich

The Penguin Success is an inspiring book portraying a positive message of triumph over adversity with a feel-good ending that children will love.  Offering an overview of how real life doesn’t run smoothly or go to plan where at some point we all face adversity and rejection.  The key message is to keep faith and confidence in yourself and your ability, that with perseverance and commitment you can fulfil your dreams.  All portrayed in a very simplistic yet ingenious format that children can grasp which is a skill very few can achieve.

However, as it is a children’s book to maintain children’s attention I would suggest that there could be a greater balance between the amount of narrative script and illustrations. Some sections have a page of text followed by a page of writing as opposed to a page of script followed by an illustration.  Depending on the age of the child, if the children are of nursery age being read to, then the focus would be on the illustrations to keep their attention. However, if it’s an early book for young readers the amount of text on each page could be quite off-putting and intimidating, never mind 2 and 3 pages in a row.

Another option would be to have half a page of narrative on a backdrop of an illustration.   This would allow more illustrations in the book.

On the first page, the flow of the sentence was a little confusing and rather long for a child to understand, “Dobby’s igloo was very comfortable, near the wall there was a lime couch with two cushions the same colour as the couch and two lime armchairs with matching cushions.”  My granddaughter wasn’t sure if there were two armchairs the same style and colour as the couch or were there two couches and two armchairs? She didn’t pick up that the same colour cushions were for the couch. A picture of the inside of his igloo would have been useful considering the detail spent on describing the contents.

I would like to thank Mia Samovich for providing me with a copy of Penguins Success in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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