Poetry of the Broken – E.L. DuBois & T.J. DuBois

6 September 2018
Poetry of the Broken Book Cover Poetry of the Broken
E.L. DuBois & T.J. DuBois
Self Publishing
1, September 2018

A poetry accompaniment to "The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath". Step inside the minds of the real Beauty and Knight with these specially selected works. Each one taken from a small collection of poetry written during the process of writing “The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath”. B&K hope you enjoy the angst-filled rhymes of a Mad Hatter pulling herself back from the brink of insanity and a dashing Knight barely holding it together.


E.L. DuBois’ book The Glass Mask was full of horrors that I hope the rest of us will never experience. The Poetry of the Broken was written by Erica, and her current husband, Thomas, during the period of writing The Glass Mask. The poems are divided between Erica and Thomas and you can see the different array of feelings each encountered. Erica’s poems are at times full of pain and despair, but always coming through is a sense of hope. Thomas feels at times helpless yet he is so supportive, and as he “looks on at his beautiful wife” he wants nothing more than to take all the pain away, to be her saviour. The range of poems and the various concepts are very impressive and the 2 different perspectives of Erica and Thomas, relating to the same background, is unique and really interesting. I loved the title of the book and several poems, which I thought were very clever. To know the story behind the poems makes it much more powerful.

I have engaged with Erica and I know through her book, the poetry, interviews and discussions, how she suffered physical and psychological damage, and a lot of it permanent. Yet to talk to her she is incredibly funny, witty and excited about her writing career. She is a most gracious and thankful person and providing us with a poetic glimpse into that horror, there is an offer to help those in similar situations and a hope that no one else will ever experience domestic abuse. It does go to show you that with hope, even if something is badly broken it can be mended.

Peter Donnelly

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