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Safe – D. Ray Thomas

15 August 2018
Safe Book Cover Safe
Take It Back
D. Ray Thomas
Crime Thriller

In Safe, Gage answers a call for help from his mentor, Casey. She's been robbed of not only cash and diamonds but priceless and sentimental objects that can never be replaced. Gage is ready to do what he does best: Find Casey's stuff and take it back. But before he can even start to look, he’s accused of being the thief himself.

The very cool thing about SAFE is the story travels between the present day and the 1980's, giving us a chance to explore Gage's past for the first time. As secrets reveal themselves, we begin to understand how the choices Gage made long ago have come back to haunt him in the present day.



This is the fourth book in the ‘Take It Back’ series by Ray Thomas and in many ways, I wish it was the first. I feel Ray has really found his rhythm in this book and his writing is less tongue-in-cheek. It is more considered in its approach towards characterisation and sensitive character interactions, rather than the expected all-action scenes and explosive character encounters. Not that it’s sentimental, it is Douglas Gage after all.

Elements in this novella provide more background to Douglas Gage, that I felt was missing in the first book. It was much more discerning than the others and at this stage of knowing Douglas Gage, I really felt for him as he dealt with the events and incidents that he experienced in this story.

For the first time, Ray Thomas adopted a double time-period delivery of the story and it worked extremely effectively. Rage goes back to a previous partner Casey as she has been robbed of her Olympic medals, money and diamonds that she holds in a very well hidden safe. The 2 time periods relate to the present, to deal with the theft, and the other, their previous life together. She blames him for the theft because he was the only other person who knew of its existence, never mind where it was concealed. Casey’s daughter, Laura, comes into the mix and adds an interesting focal point and perspective in the story.

Overall I feel this is Ray’s most accomplished book for its depth and emotional disposition. I would like to thank Ray Thomas for providing me with a copy of Safe in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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