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Sanguine Spell – Ahava Trivedi

8 October 2020
Sanguine Spell Book Cover Sanguine Spell
Bloodline Academy
Ahava Trivedi
Young Adult Fantasy
Self Published
20 June 2020

To hell with Bloodline Academy.
To hell with the Supernatural Light Alliance.

The only thing I care about is to avenge my mother’s untimely death. And apparently, the only way to do that is by leaving Louisiana and ending up in the Carpathian Mountain range across Europe at Silverstone Academy, a hidden school for the Silver Shadows werewolves.

Hanging out with werewolves who are deeply suspicious of vampires wasn’t part of the plan. But at least my boyfriend and besties have come along for the ride. Oh, and the other advantage of our new placement: we’re now just a cavernous skip-and-a-hop away from the ultra-creepy Cachtice Castle, the Blood Countess’s last known whereabouts and likely the current ones of my mom’s killer.

As we settle in at Silverstone Academy and secrets start to unravel, I find myself seeking out a Sanguine vampire
from my past.

And my past is about to return – big time…


The latest release of Ahava Trivedi’s YA urban fantasy series provides enthralling storytelling that is a joy to read. Sanguine Spell is captivating as it draws you into the adventure Katerina and her friends are on, namely Safi, her boyfriend Ulrich, Natalie and Valenthia. To create a sustainable fantasy series requires the author to build a new world that beguiles and fascinates, with characters that bring something unique and exciting, where their talents contribute to an adventure that is full of suspense and leaves you guessing, and where foes are lethal and always ready to pounce. Ahava Trivedi delivers so well on that front that she should be a go-to author in this genre.

Sanguine Spell takes up the story after Kat’s mother is killed by her brother Kallum Bathory, and Kat seeks retribution for the death of her parents, in her mission to kill her uncle who exists on the dark side. He has fled to Cachtice Academy, in Slovakia within the infamous Carpathian Mountains of vampire folklore. A region where the most powerful vampire, the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory ruled, an area where the Dark Legion has a foothold but where there also exists a werewolf academy. Silverstone Academy is an academy established for Silver Shadows werewolves and the place where Esmeralda Quartz, the Crystal witch and also an ancestor of Katerina, tried to save the world against Elizabeth Bathory.

“My tongue can attest to that. Esme’s blood carried only light – it was almost effervescent. Yours is the most gorgeous symphony of light and darkness, intermingling with the beautiful potential to bring forth anything under the stars. Together you and I will rule the world.”

With help from Professor Frewin, Kat and her friends travel to Silverstone Academy and try to fit in with some cautious and disagreeable encounters. Valenthia, Natalie and Kat need blood to function properly and while Kat and Valenthia both have secret plans it isn’t too long before their presence in the area is noticed. Valenthia hunts in the forests at night while Kat has an obsessive attraction to a previous student, Moldark, now at Cachtice Academy. The consequence following an attack is that Valenthia is bewitched with an ancient spell that leaves her in a coma. With both Kat and Valenthia under a spell and retribution still high on the agenda there is a lot of action to solve this puzzle.

The entertainment and adventure are still ramping up as this series continues and it is a storyline that continues to enthral as the plot expands and new characters enter the fray. A wonderful fantasy series that is worth investing time in, also available on Kindle Unlimited. I would highly recommend this series to all fantasy fans and I would like to thank Ahava Trivedi for providing me with a free ARC in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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