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September Book of the Month Award

October 7, 2019
September Book of the Month Award Book Cover September Book of the Month Award
Book of the Month
Ann McIlroy
The Reading Desk

The Reading Desk team nominates 3 books each month from the many that are collectively read. The 3 nominees are put forward on a social media and within our network of reviewers to select that month's winner. Each monthly nominated book will go forward to the Annual Awards Competition. The annual awards will be judged by a panel of globally recognised reviewers and authors, chaired by Peter Donnelly. Panel members will be revealed shortly. We have responded to a number of feedback suggestions that this feature from The Reading Desk would support authors and their activities to promote and market their books. We also hope that it is a mechanism to bring the writing community together. We hope you enjoy and support the community.

3 fabulous books nominated by The Reading Desk for September Book of the Month Award.

The Lying Room – Nicci French @FrenchNicci
Book review:

Lock Me In – Kate Simants @katesboat
Book review:

Dead Flowers – Nicola Monaghan @nicolanovelist
Book review:

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