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Crime Mystery Thriller

The Wait for Shadows – Karl Holton

19 January 2019


The Wait for Shadows is the remarkable second book in the Shadow Series from Karl Holton and continues unabated at the same relentless pace, with a complex plot, subterfuge, double-cross…

Crime Mystery Thriller

Entropy – Robert Raker

30 December 2018


Entropy is a uniquely bleak and compelling murder mystery with deep psychological character themes. Robert Raker does a wonderful job creating a dark imposing atmosphere that descends on the reader…

Crime Humour Short Stories Thriller

Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer – Ryan Suvaal

19 December 2018


Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer, is a highly imaginative, tongue-in-cheek story of a psychopath that has been rattled by the misuse of grammar. The infamous Grammar…

Historical Fiction

New York 1609 – Harald Johnson

6 December 2018


New York 1609: A Historical Novel (Omnibus Edition) is a collection of 4 novellas, each covering the following 4 time periods i) 1609 ii) 1612-13 iii) 1625-26 iv) 1640-44, and…

Fantasy Horror Young Adult

Ransom TX – E.L. Dubois & T.J. Dubois

7 November 2018


Ransom TX is a non-stop fantasy horror adventure that is riveting from the prologue to the last page. With a story of constant action it is difficult to achieve deep…