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Historical Fiction Mystery Thriller

The Owl Killers – Karen Maitland

4 April 2019

Karen Maitland’s ability to create the 14th century English village scene is fantastic. The tug-of-war between religion and superstition is ever present, and the atmosphere is full of distrust….

Historical Fiction Thriller

The Wolf and the Watchman – Niklas Natt och Dag

8 March 2019


A dark and gruesome Gothic thriller, which reveals a formidable and disturbing portrait of Stockholm during the tumultuous period of the late 18 century. The Wolf and the Watchman is at…

Crime Mystery

The Girl in the Woods – Patricia J. MacDonald

6 January 2019


The Girl in the Woods is a cosy murder mystery that is an enthralling read full of suspense, guilt and a determination to right a wrong. Blair’s best friend Molly…

Crime Mystery Thriller

The Angel – Katerina Diamond

3 January 2019


The Angel is the third book in a crime thriller series from Katerina Diamond and you need to read the first and second books (The Teacher and The Secret) to appreciate the…

Crime Mystery Thriller

The Teacher – Katerina Diamond

31 December 2018


The Teacher is an engrossing, thrilling and pacey murder mystery where the police and pitted against a brutal killer seeking revenge. The novel is delivered along 3 threads. One thread is a…