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Take It Back – D. Ray Thomas

23 July 2018
Take It Back Book Cover Take It Back
Take It Back
D. Ray Thomas
Crime Thriller
Self Publishing

If you long to see the underprivileged in our society finally win out against the 1%, read Take It Back. It is the first book in the Take It Back series starring Douglas Gage; a man who is equal parts Robin Hood and vigilante. Take It Back is full of riveting action sequences, on the edge of your seat suspense, unexpected thrills, mysterious intrigue, and sudden turns into a dark world of crime.

Douglas Gage fights for the forgotten. Because no one is going to forget him.


This is a novella told in the first person by Douglas Gage. He’s a big guy, a guy that “… could see over the crowds at Walmart”. Gage is a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from con men to return defrauded monies to the poor and needy that have been robbed under dubious health insurance scams.

“Why do you give a shit about these people anyway?” Johnny the con man asked. “You don’t live here. They don’t know you. But you come in here, rough me up, take my money. Why, you asshole? Why?!”

That’s partly the problem for me, I don’t know why Gage would be prepared to put his life in so much danger. Especially for people, he doesn’t know. And then give it all away. Perhaps as a series of short novels, this becomes apparent but at this stage, I’m questioning the motives, a lot.

Given that, the read is very entertaining for those that like action and witty dialogue. Gage wants to do good even if he has to steal, seriously injure and kill to do it. He’s a man on a mission! It doesn’t always go his own way which makes the confrontations more believable. Ray Thomas makes the fight scenes so vividly clear that you can hear the crunch and see the damage being inflicted. Gage is a paradox, on one hand, he’s remorseless on killing someone but he also has this conscientious soul for helping the deceived. This story is centred on Gage’s involvement with 1 particular gang.

What I love about action-packed novellas is that you get right to the heart of the plot and there’s no background to wade through. What I dislike about novellas, is that there’s no background to establish the characters nor set the scene and plot. It’s a personal choice, but at the moment, I’m loving that they’re fast, entertaining, witty stories, and approaching them in the right frame of mind, are brilliant. There are another 3 in this series waiting for me and I’m looking forward to them.

I would like to thank Ray Thomas for providing me with a free copy of this book, in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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