The Fly with One Eye – R.M. Halterman

12 August 2018
The Fly with One Eye Book Cover The Fly with One Eye
R. M. Halterman
June 12, 2018

"The Fly with One Eye" follows an imperfect toy's quest to belong as she grows from an outcast among the sale rack of toys to a hero. After the store closes for the night, one of the toys finds himself in trouble. It is the fly with one eye who brings everyone together and shows that we can't be defined by our differences.

We can judge any child’s book at 2 levels: firstly, how captivating it is as a story for a child, and secondly, how we can educate our children in a social and personal context.  The Fly with One Eye accomplishes these two objectives brilliantly.

Today, where the concept of social acceptability seems to be ingrained as a paramount fixture in society and increasingly being specifically targeted through various social mediums among the very young, it is refreshing to read a book that promotes a positive message of inclusivity. Being different should not be a badge to being ostracised or alienated. This story encourages the belief that even with our individual talents there are times where it isn’t until these talents are combined and working together as a team, do we find success and achievement.

The lyrical flowing style of the story in keeping the narrative short from page to page and balanced by the beautiful and meaningful illustrations helps to maintain a child’s attention, conveying the message that “Imperfections are perfect too.” In an uncomplicated visually appealing format, these messages can easily be grasped and understood by young readers. I found my grandchildren totally engrossed in the story, so massive thumbs up.

It’s an excellent book that ticks all the boxes and a fabulous addition for any young child’s first library.

I would like to thank R.M Halterman for providing me with a copy of The Fly with One Eye in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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