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The Minotaur’s Son: & other wild tales – Kevin Ansbro

6 February 2020
The Minotaur's Son: & Other Wild Tales Book Cover The Minotaur's Son: & Other Wild Tales
Kevin Ansbro
2qt Limited (Publishing)
September 27, 2019

Charlatans and shapeshifters, lovers and leprechauns, ghosts and office creeps are just some of the characters that Kevin Ansbro brings to life in this volume of short stories. His tales span the globe and range from the wickedly funny to the sad and deeply unnerving.


The Minotaur’s Son: & other wild tales is a book of short stories that is unbounded in its imagination and entertainment. A collection of tales that I want to imagine being told around the metaphorical campfire, late at night, when the teller want to enthral and beguile their listeners. Stories that cause us to think that little bit deeper and wonder what we would do in those situations.

From ancient Greece to outer space, from Poseidon to Kevin himself, from the Minotaur’s son to genies, mermaids, ghosts and leprechauns, the variety of tales is astounding. Looking back what is clear is the highly imaginative mind Kevin possesses and his ability to masterfully write stories with authority. The narrative entertains and treats us to captivating tales that are magical and enthralling, and espouse the true nature of storytelling, to take the reader to another timed place and world if necessary. Never have I finished a collection of short stories from a single author and felt I had been taken on such a diverse journey.

The storytelling power is elevated through the clever dialogue between the array of characters, as promises are made, gifts are bestowed, and tricks are set in motion. The unreliable human nature influenced by greed, love and power, weaves its chaos through most of these stories. If only we could accept the gifts we have and not pursue false bounty. Many of the situations are humorous often with a dark wit that is devious and engaging.

I would highly recommend this book and I would like to thank Kevin Ansbro for providing me with a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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