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The Sky Weaver – Kristen Ciccarelli

29 February 2020
The Sky Weaver Book Cover The Sky Weaver
Iskari Trilogy
Kristen Ciccarelli

At the end of one world, there always lies another. Safire, a soldier, knows her role in this world is to serve the King of Firgaard—helping to maintain the peace in her oft-troubled nation. Eris, a deadly pirate, has no such conviction. Known as the Death Dancer for her ability to evade even the most determined of pursuers, she possesses a superhuman power to move between worlds. When one can roam from dimension to dimension, can one ever be home? Can love and loyalty truly exist? Now Safire and Eris—sworn enemies—find themselves on a common mission: to find Asha, the last Namsara. From the port city of Darmoor to the fabled faraway Star Isles, their search and their stories become woven ever more tightly together as they discover the uncertain fate they’re hurtling towards may just be a shared one. In this world—and the next


The Sky Weaver is a spellbinding novel that is full of fantasy adventure in a world that is animated with beautiful writing and clever plotting. Across multiple vividly portrayed landscapes, the wonderful array of characters bring this world of myths, Gods, pirates and dragons to life. The characters are well layered with diverse capabilities and personalities, some new to this novel and others as they take on the next stage of the trilogy. The two main characters in this story each narrate from their POV, and as the story unfolds their relationship turns on its head with interesting dynamics and develops towards a touching intimacy.

Safire is a soldier, a fighter and the commander of the King’s guard. She has a harsh history covered in the previous novels but is in favour with the current King, her cousin, Dax. Safire is dedicated to her role of protecting King and country, and when a jewel is stolen and robberies continue, she vows to catch the thief.

Eris is a fabled thief known as the ‘Death Dancer’ and she watches Safire from the shadows always just evading her glances. Eris’ background also underpins a fascinating character with a complex personality and intriguing motivations. Safire feels the presence of Eris and sets a trap to catch her, only to watch her disappear again, and unfortunately, Safire ends up being captured herself and held on a pirate ship.

As the story develops with twists and surprises, Safire and Eris find themselves on a similar journey to find Asha, but for different reasons. The weaving of plots, journeys and relationships sees high drama as they encounter mythical creatures and an enthralling adventure that is fascinating. The world-building in this trilogy is amongst the best I’ve read and the use of mythical creatures, magic and the fantasy elements are wonderfully placed. The careful reveal of romance and the wider array of characters is excellent and it is easy to connect with several of the characters.

The Sky Weaver is the third book in the Iskari trilogy written by Kristen Ciccarelli. This book can be read as a standalone but I couldn’t help feeling I was missing a lot of the background of Safire and the history of the region by not previously reading the first two books. Eris is a new character introduced in this novel which helps in that context and her appeal certainly grows throughout the story.

My rating is 4.5 stars and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading good fantasy stories. I’d like to thank Gollancz, Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

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