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The Teacher – Katerina Diamond

31 December 2018
The Teacher Book Cover The Teacher
Katerina Diamond
Avon Books
March 10, 2016

The new crime novel from Katerina Diamond.

You think you know who to trust? You think you know the difference between good and evil? You’re wrong …

The body of the head teacher of an exclusive Devon school is found hanging from the rafters in the assembly hall.

Hours earlier he’d received a package, and only he could understand the silent message it conveyed. It meant the end.

As Exeter suffers a rising count of gruesome deaths, troubled DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles must solve the case and make their city safe again.

But as they’re drawn into a network of corruption, lies and exploitation, every step brings them closer to grim secrets hidden at the heart of their community.

And once they learn what’s motivating this killer, will they truly want to stop him?


This is a psychological crime thriller in a class of its own.

WARNING: Most definitely *not* for the faint-hearted!


The Teacher is an engrossing, thrilling and pacey murder mystery where the police and pitted against a brutal killer seeking revenge. The novel is delivered along 3 threads. One thread is a series of brutal murders, first a headmaster of a private school in Exeter by a mysterious figure, with the following deaths becoming more and more gruesome. What is the connection and how do the victims know it’s coming? The second thread involves 2 detectives that have been paired together to investigate one of the murders. Each is recovering from career damaging incidents each coping with major physiological issues but both highly capable investigators. The third thread is a museum taxidermist that has a lot of personal and interrelational issues, with a background that you’re brought back to throughout the book. She has become significantly detached from the world and her relationships with other people.

The plot is well put together and rather than being a typical whodunit with multiple twist and turns, it is more a plot being slowly revealed because it is clear, pretty early on, who the killer is and who will catch her/him. Don’t let that put you off because layer after layer is revealed as to the circumstances that formed the motivation and modus operandi of the killer, and the background to the other main characters. Each thread tantalising interweaves and threatens to reveal only to pull away, ensuring the story is captivating and kept at a great pace. The characters are quite dysfunctional at times as they struggle with their past and the relationships they start to develop.

While the main plot is obvious there are other subplots and agendas being played out and it all had meaning with interrelating facets and never felt cliché. The ending is good and creates more questions that have you thinking after you’ve finished the book.

This is a tremendous story and very impressive as a debut novel. I’ve already bought her other two books.

The other 2 books in the series: The Secret and The Angel

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