The Truth – Tina Cox

15 November 2018
The Truth Book Cover The Truth
Tina Cox

Tina J. Cox explores different 'real life' issues in her Poetry Collection, which can only be described has hauntingly beautiful and emotional pieces of work. From Love, Death, Infidelity and more. The Truth is out there. But, what is your Truth?


Poetry is the ultimate literary work where the importance of precisely and delicately positioning words creates the vivid images and deep emotions that take our breath away. In those concise pieces of work, you can feel your heart break, experience joy, or torture yourself with a loss. The price to pay is that typically the poet reveals their own pain, their secrets and vulnerabilities. Tina has fully committed to this work and it is evident through the collection of 32 poems that a major emotional part of her life is laid bare. I commend her for her brutal honesty and bravery.

I prefer poems not to be over-focused on rhyming because it often results in the writer using a word that doesn’t really fit or the flow of the poem is strained to capture a word that rhymes. I felt that happened in various poems in this book where the flow of the poem was neglected in order to fit a rhyming word. Rather than letting the poems flood my mind I found myself distracted by thinking of alternative words or phrasing. I kept thinking, it would have been useful for Tina to have debated certain word selection or content, with an editor. Maybe this beauty is wasted on me.

As in all anthologies, there are those pieces that resonate more than others and that is true in this book. The poems that stand out for me are; ‘What I Am’, ‘My God’, ‘I Am Guilty’, and the pain of unrequited love in her poem ‘My Falling’ is palpable. The start of the ‘Self Harm’ poem is harrowing but ends with hope and clarity. My favourite is ‘A Suggestion’ but alas I replaced a word on the final line, in my mind, to give me a sense of temptation and flirtatious expectation for the future. It also fits better with a sense of grey shading, which is more consistent within the poem.

Tina Cox has been authentic and sincere in her poems and I certainly feel they convey her TRUTH. I would like to thank Tina for providing me with a free copy of her book in return for an honest review.

Peter Donnelly

Founder of The Reading Desk, supporting readers, authors, publishers and book industry. Top Reviewer on Amazon, Goodreads, and NetGalley peter@thereadingdesk.com

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