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Tigerlilja – Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

13 November 2020
Tigerlilja Book Cover Tigerlilja
Tales of The Wendy
Erin Michelle Sky
Young Adult, Fantasy
Trash Dogs Media
13 Nov 2018

The origin of Peter Pan and Tigerlilja, a companion novella to the Tales of the Wendy series.

One, cursed by accident. The other, cursed by destiny. But losing everything isn’t always the end. Sometimes, it’s just the beginning.


Tigerlija is a highly imaginative story shaping a fantasy telling of the birth of Peter Pan and the background of his mother and father. A fantasy world from Asgard that witnesses the fatal love triangle, with unrequited love, jealousies, and revenge. Taiga was a beautiful woman, loved and adored by all the Gods, but obsessively by Buri, the first man and grandfather to Odin. Despite Buri’s desires of marriage towards Taiga, she loved and married Pan and they had a son – Peter. Yes, thee Peter. Named after me!

The deadly tricks from Buri and the lengths Tiaga and Pan go to save Peter from his dangerous mortal life, and save Tiago’s dominion over the forests, builds an entertaining and compelling story. Peter must go find Tiaga’s powerful sword protected by the Clan, where we meet the warrior Tigerlilja. In a battle with Buri, their adventures bring them to the hidden forest Island protected by the Innisfay and the remaining stronghold Tiaga forged against Buri.

“ ‘The innisfay protect the island, keeping it safe,’ Amma told Tigerlilja. ‘Making sure the land flourishes. For as long as it does, Peter will not age, and Buri will not be able to spread his ice across the world.’ ”

The secret Island also protects Peter and with Tinkerbell, his ultra-loyal friend, he calls them family, although he can’t remember anything of family and love, he can’t remember his mother and quickly dispels any thoughts of grief.

“You’ll never find it, never burn it, never touch our neverland! You’ll never catch me, never best me, never kill our Peter Pan!”

The story is more mature than the original Peter Pan story by J.M. Barrie. With the clash of Gods and their harsh actions, ferocious battles, deaths, cruelty, and revengeful hatred, this strikes a darker tone. I enjoyed the story and was a little surprised that the story evolved from the myths of the Norse Gods. The sense of substantial content is striking considering this is only a novella. It does genuinely feel like a full novel. I would recommend this novella and it is a great introduction to the classic story of Peter Pan and the wonderful characters we have come to love.

Peter Donnelly

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